Mayor Becky Ames met up with the new hires at the Fire Museum to give them advic

High school students participating in this year’s Future Leaders summer youth program started their first day of work Tuesday, June 9. It was a busy first day with several stops in Beaumont, but Mayor Becky Ames met the new hires at the Fire Museum of Texas before lunch to give them some advice about their new jobs.



Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Rose Byrne

Directed by: Paul Feig

Rated: R


Mofo burger, chicken strip basket, philly cheesesteak
Jeff Moreland prepares the ‘1-foot pancake.’

From its Mofo burger and sidewinder fries to its ginormous pancakes,


The last thing you would expect while mowing the back 40 is to have a copperhead snake crawl out of the motor and on to the steering wheel, but that’s exactly what happened to Dodd Coffey this past weekend.

The Beaumont Health Department's new building at 3040 College St.

Nearly seven years after Hurricane Ike devastated Southeast Texas and caused significant damage to many of the community’s homes and businesses, including city government facilities, funding from the disaster is still trickling into the area to assist with recovery. Case in point: Beaumont Health Department’s new facility soon to open at 3040 College St.