Children crowd around Freddie Harland, programs specialist at the Beaumont Children’s Museum, asking him to help them build boats out of tin foil and launch Lego rocket cars on their engineers’ day, “Beyond the Brick” on Feb. 25.

115 people came just for this special event, according to admissions staff. 

Calla lily

Just the name, “calla lily” sounds beautiful.  And its blooms are some of the most striking of all flowers.  The calla is neither a “Calla” nor a “lily” but accidently incorrectly named by the famous Carl Linnaeus, and the name stuck. Some smaller florists’ varieties of this bulb are better as houseplants but we can grow the larger varieties outside.  This perennial bulb must be dug up and stored in cold zones but here they are hardy enough to last through our winters and surprise us year after year.   


Footage of Demarcus Brown being forcibly taken into police custody at a Beaumont Wal-Mart in April of 2016 made the habitual criminal quasi famous as an alleged victim of overzealous law enforcement. What the footage doesn’t show, however, is how often Brown is taken into custody.

Out on bond for the Wal-Mart theft charge and probation violation, Brown again found himself in handcuffs at the Beaumont Police Department on Wednesday, March 15, facing yet another theft charge.

Chuck Simmons used a 4-inch Big Bite craw tube to catch this Lake Waco bass and

I just got in from a bass fishing road trip that took me from Sam Rayburn to Lake Waco in five days. This is definitely my favorite time of year to target bass. They are up shallow and spawning. It’s the only time of year in Texas when you can actually see bass on the beds. And if you hit it just right the fishing can be phenomenal.

Desiree McPhillips

Mid County’s Victory Garden may have started last year, but the retro name harkens back to the World War II homefront. 

Desiree McPhillips, the organizer, said this was intentional. “We liked the imagery of the old wartime garden photos,” she explained.

The Mid County Victory Garden is located on Nederland Avenue, just behind the Sheer Madness hair salon. Sheer Madness is McPhillips’s hair salon, which is the only salon in Southeast Texas that offers organic hair dye, she said.