Since his arrival in 1992, Blanco, the Houston Zoo’s leucistic (white) alligator has been a favorite of both guests and staff, and has been the centerpiece attraction in the Reptile and Amphibian House. As a leucistic alligator, he is also very rare, and is one of only 13 still currently alive from an original number of 18 that hatched in 1987 in Louisiana. However, as time has passed, Blanco has outgrown his current space.


‘I Saw the Light’

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olson

Directed by: Marc Abraham

Rated: PG-13


Patillo’s owner Robert Patillo (right) visits with customer Glenn Parsley, who h
Link plate with beans, rice and potato salad. Don’t forget the pickles and onion

When thinking about the best barbecue in Beaumont, Patillo’s definitely comes to mind. It’s also the fourth oldest barbecue joint in Texas, so it’s always garnering statewide attention.

Wade Carpenter and family
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Beaumont native Wade Carpenter is in urgent need of a stem cell transplant. While there is currently not a perfect match for Carpenter in the Be The Match Registry, a marrow donor registry drive offers the hope of finding one. To help Carpenter and people like him in need of a lifesaving donation, register Sunday, April 10, from noon – 4 p.m. at the Westgate Memorial Baptist Church gym at 6220 Westgate Drive in Beaumont.


Beaumont to host physique competition

Beaumont welcomes the National Physique Committee to the Julie Rogers Theatre on Saturday, April 23, for the Southeast Texas Championship.