Over Half off Rally Sport Car Wash Package at Johnson's Texaco Xpress

EponToday Deals - April 10, 2014 - 9:30am

Primp Your Ride and Cruise in Style with the Rally Sport Carwash Package, a $20.99 Value for only $10 

Driving a shiny car is a great way to experience luxurious transportation without the hassle of carving a carriage out of marble and training a yoke of peacocks to pull it. Keep your ride looking ritzy with this Epon from Johnson's Texaco Xpress:

  • for $10, you get the Rally Sport package carwash (a $20.99 value).

A nostalgic yet modern washery, this auto bathing salon has been primping rides for several years with soapy services for vehicles of all shapes, makes, and colors. With the Rally Sport carwash package, your ride gets everything in the Super Sport carwash package—a vigilant scrubbing of your auto body, a vacuuming of all carpeted regions, windows (inside and out), towel dry, Triple coat conditioner, a spritz to make the air smelly good, and a cleaning of the nether regions (under carriage), PLUS an expert detailing of all your shiny stems (wheel bright), not to mention a little moisturizer on the tires (Armor All). All washes come standard with care and precision from a veteran team of servicemen, many of whom boast more than a decade of towel-wielding, shine-inducing experience and the ability to tell fortunes by reading the obscenities scrawled on filthy car windows.

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