Catfish Cabin's seafood gumbo

Each week in the Weekly Dish, we try to introduce you to restaurants and their menu offerings. Anything from burgers to catfish and barbeque in Southeast Texas — we try to give the reader different options, but we sometimes find that a dish is so good that we tend to find ourselves going back for seconds, sometimes thirds.

Great China

Photo by Kevin King

How well do you perform under pressure? A new real-life adventure game in Beaumont will answer that question by testing your ability to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape the apartment of a serial killer within an hour’s time.

The Experience, a new, fun teambuilding exercise brought to you by the masterminds of horror at The Haunted Hotel, is not a haunted attraction but it is fun as hell.


Funnel cakes, turkey legs, alligator-on-a-stick. Have some pork kabobs, donut burgers, candy apples, popcorn and a plethora of fried snacks. Just about anything you can think of to eat is available from more than 75 food vendors at the 73rd annual South Texas State Fair on the grounds of Ford Park, which begins Thursday, March 24, with the 11-day festival of fun ending Sunday, April 3.

Gates will open at 6 p.m. next Thursday and there is literally something for everyone. Some come for the food. Some come for the games, carnival rides, exhibits, live music and the rodeo.


In May 1965, Carolyn Ann Bellue and myself graduated from Northwestern State College (NSC) in Natchitoches, Louisiana, which became Northwestern State University (NSU) in 1970.


Q. Is it against any law to negotiate rental rates? Could it be considered discrimination if a landlord charges different rates for the same size apartment?

A. Discrimination is basically treating one person better or worse than another. It is discrimination to charge different people different rent for the same apartment. Discrimination, however, is not per se illegal. In fact, it is not uncommon for a seller to charge different prices to different customers. I am sure that many people who buy the same type of car pay very different prices.