Certainly we are on the edge of “D” day as this article is published, the D indicating the opening of both deer and duck seasons. Much time and expense has already been put forth just getting ready for these annual events. On the Friday before the deer season opener, our local major highways are packed to the gills with vehicles either carrying ATVs or pulling trailers with ATVs aboard. The deer hunters, being confident folks, will also be taking plenty of. The caravan reminds one of mass evacuation that we have witnessed before, except on a smaller scale.


The first couple of weeks of November are two of the best you’ll experience on the right side of Texas. Deer and duck seasons are open, and fishing on Sabine Lake for trout and reds under the birds is red hot.

The entire month of November is prime time deer hunting in the Pineywoods. There is one reason why – bucks are in the rut and running does all over the place night and day. It’s not easy to get the jump on a mature buck, unless you hunt the rut.


I don’t hate oil companies. Gulf Oil gave my dad a job near the end of the Great Depression. Gulf and 40 years of hard work by my family allowed me to have a wonderful education.

What I am having a hard time understanding is why Republicans are so reluctant to make big oil pay its fair share. Tax breaks from Texas amount to more than $20 million a year. Some of the refiners in Texas are suing to get even bigger tax breaks. Our U.S. tax system gives British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Shell and others millions more.


Q. I recently moved into a new apartment. The apartment pays a referral fee. I told them my friend referred me. My friend actually did not refer me, but I knew he lived in the complex. When I told my friend he was going to get the money, he agreed to split it with me. Now he refuses to share. Can I take him to small claims court?

A. In my opinion, you do not have any basis for a lawsuit. Your friend promised to give you a gift. He simply agreed to share his money with you. Such promises are not enforceable.


‘Texas Killing Fields’

Starring: Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain

Director: Ami Canaan Mann

Rated: R