David Brakin from Brakin Farms

You read about the trend toward farmer’s markets and people everywhere demanding the freshest of vegetables and fruits for their own dinner table. Well, we have our own long-standing and wonderful farmer’s market right here in town.

Biking back-country tails is popular at most Texas state parks.
Dogs become Texas  game wardens

One of the best family-based escapes you can find here in Southeast Texas is to visit one of our state parks like Village Creek in Lumberton and Martin Dies Jr. up around Jasper. They both offer an economic escape into adventure that includes camping, hiking, biking, hunting and fishing.

Just recently, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation highlighted data about the important role that parks play to local economies.

Brad Klein

Wow! It’s been a great couple of weeks in my barbecue journey. It started in February with judging the KCBS Shotgun Fred’s BBQ Cook Off in Huntsville. Sixty-one teams participated, and wouldn’t you know it, the ice storm in Dallas had us short judges. This means we had to “suffer” through additional meats in each category, plus we judged “chef’s choice” and dessert. I had the pleasure of eating the single best piece of chicken I have ever tasted.


In the not too distant past, we communicated with each other with the spoken and written word, telephone, telegraph, and by mail complete with a postage stamp. Fast forward a few decades, and now, in terms of personal communication, we use satellite dependent cellular phones, e-mail, texting, video conferencing, social networking, and other forms of digital media. While generally very efficient in terms of time and energy, these new digital communications technologies have also made us somewhat lazy.


‘The Age of Adaline’

Starring: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman

Directed by: Leo Toland Krieger

Rated: PG-13