Most of us are familiar with Google as the ubiquitous search engine, even to the point that the term “Google” has become synonymous with the term “search.” Google is much more than a search engine, making frequent announcements about new hardware (such as Google glasses), new software (the recently announced “Android M”), and new Web based services (Google translate, Google Maps, and many more). In San Francisco late last month, Google held its annual developers conference, which it calls Google I/O.


The Wright family in Vidor has been grilling meat the right way for generations, slow-smoking their brisket and ribs for hours to infuse the maximum flavor from the family’s special recipe sauce and seasonings into the delicious smoked chicken, ribs,

Trout are difficult to pin down on Sabine Lake and East Galveston Bay. Your best

Fresh water from recent rains has caused bass fishing to surge, but on Sabine Lake, it’s making things difficult for anglers targeting reds, flounder and trout.

Sam Rayburn guide Bill Fondren says the water level there is about 7-1/2 feet high, and the fishing overall is slow.



Starring: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone

Directed by: Cameron Crowe

Rated: PG-13


Alex Reymundo

Recently seen in Beaumont performing with Ron White at a sold out Julie Rogers Theatre, fellow comedian/actor/producer Alex Reymundo is returning to headline his own show at the Jefferson Theatre on Saturday, June 27, at 8 p.m.