The good old days probably mean many different things to different people. I find myself remarking more and more about them when I think of certain, places, people or events. My old pastor used to say he did not long for the good ole days, as some said they did. He said he did not miss hot houses, no air conditioning to sleep in at night, plowing a mule through a dusty field, having to grow everything his family ate, or traveling by horse and buggy, and to him, those were memories of the good old days.


An old tradition on Thanksgiving morning in my extended family has been to gather around a fat newspaper loaded with Black Friday ads and plot and conspire about where and when to go to get the bargains. It is only relatively recent history that stores started Black Friday at a minute after midnight or at four in the morning; prior to these insane opening times, most major stores opened at seven or eight a.m., a more civilized time to commence the fray.


Thursday 25


Charrice & Company

The Logon Café - Beaumont

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Jamie Talbert

Luke’s - Beaumont

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Britt Godwin & Bubba Moore

MacKenzie’s Pub - Beaumont

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“For the gifts and callings of God are without repentance” (Romans 11:29).


The word “repentance” in this verse might not mean what we think. Among the best translators that I have trusted over the years, the majority say that the word means “with no change.” In other words, God doesn’t change His mind, and that’s a good thing. When He asks an individual to do a certain thing, go a particular place or act in such a way, He knows then the why and how of it all — even when we humans do not comprehend.


Several times during my week with the 2013 Toyota Venza, I admired its appearance. Its front grille, in particular, drew my attention with its aerodynamic shape that has been tastefully modified with a new upper and lower grille and fog lamps.