Thursday 25


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Jamie Talbert

Luke’s - Beaumont

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Britt Godwin & Bubba Moore

MacKenzie’s Pub - Beaumont

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“For the gifts and callings of God are without repentance” (Romans 11:29).


The word “repentance” in this verse might not mean what we think. Among the best translators that I have trusted over the years, the majority say that the word means “with no change.” In other words, God doesn’t change His mind, and that’s a good thing. When He asks an individual to do a certain thing, go a particular place or act in such a way, He knows then the why and how of it all — even when we humans do not comprehend.


Several times during my week with the 2013 Toyota Venza, I admired its appearance. Its front grille, in particular, drew my attention with its aerodynamic shape that has been tastefully modified with a new upper and lower grille and fog lamps.


Want to create a fantastic fall garden? By now, your yard might be looking a little neglected. We all think of spring and summer as times to make our yard and garden areas shine, but why not fall? Leftover and sad looking plants in mud-spattered, tilted containers and summer flowers on their last leg are easy to replace.


There are several excellent “all in one” Windows system cleaners available. These system cleaners might be able to improve system performance by cleaning the hard drive, managing the startup, tweaking internal Windows settings, cleaning and optimizing the registry, improving Internet speeds, and performing a host of other system maintenance functions.