‘Abraham Lincoln:

Vampire Hunter’

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell

Directed by: Timur


Rated: R


During the early part of the summertime, outdoor situations are continually different from day to day. I’ve noticed that it’s tough trying to stay on fish such as speckled trout. They will be in one area one day and then seem to disappear. Some of the more experienced guides have so many productive areas in their repertoire that they do catch fish on most days. Weather conditions as well as water conditions are governing factors as to where a good place to begin might be. Knowing this, the rest of us can go to once productive areas and do the trial-and-error search.


What you might not know is that flounder fishing on Sabine Lake and East Galveston Bay is good pretty much year round. The only exception might be the cold-water months of January through March. Something else you might not know is that there is a passel of fishermen that target flounder throughout the summer months.


It’s not often that a bush has both berries and blooms on it at the same time. A recent forage into a local garden center has reminded of the Durnata erecta. This sprawling tender evergreen plant can put on quite a show if you treat it right. You may know this showy beauty by some of its nicknames like Pigeon Berry, Golden Dewdrop or Skyflower.


Understanding the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ kinds


My 15-year-old grandson and I had an interesting discussion one recent afternoon when he was visiting with me in my home. Papa Ted was in Amarillo taking care of some business, and Brendan asked me about the word “pride.” From our conversation and giving the subject some thought, I have decided that it is indeed a difficult word to completely understand and control, and an even more difficult one to explain to a teen who was genuinely interested in knowing the answers to his questions.