Lexus NX 300h

Lexus created the luxury utility crossover category with the original midsized RX model in 1998 and now, for 2015, is introducing the all-new NX.


I suppose I had dreamed that by the time I reached a certain age or place in life that I would not be fielding quite so many questions. That is not true. I answer questions all day long and into the evenings some of the time, and I find my own questions swim up to the surface and beg for answers during other hours and minutes.

Lumberton’s Phil Brannan with his alligator gar carving. Another of his world-cl

Lumberton’s Phil Brannan just returned from the World Fish Carving Competition held in Springfield, Mo., and won two out of three World Titles. His carvings of an alligator gar and rainbow trout won Best in World for decorative miniature and natural finish.

This competition centers on the world’s best in taxidermy and fish carving.


If you’re looking for fast food that isn’t “fast food,” pass up the chain restaurants and cruise on over to Beaumont’s White Horse Bar & Grill for a dining experience unlike any other. Open daily 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., White Horse is conveniently situated close to Parkdale Mall on the city’s north end, but nestled away from mall traffic on the opposite side of the freeway.


‘Pitch Perfect 2’

Starring: Anne Kendrick, Hallie Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson

Directed by: Elizabeth Banks

Rated: PG-13