‘Magic Mike’ 

Despite many 11th hour predictions that “Magic Mike” would top the raunchy teddy bear comedy “Ted” from Seth McFarlane, in the weekend box office wars, it did not happen. Still it was a record-breaking weekend as both movies exceeded profit expectations — a first for two openers on the same day. There is something to be said for giving the people what they want.


With the departure of Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Carrol Thomas looming ever closer with each passing week, most taxpayers will undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief when Butch finally heads for his retirement villa – or wherever one of the most highly compensated public school officials in Texas will go to count his millions.


One of the worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court of the United States was the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, decided by a 5-4 vote, mainly along partisan lines. Members of the Supreme Court appointed by Republicans, who have decried for years activists judges who choose to legislate from the bench, are responsible not only for this bad decision, but for the decision subverting the electoral process in the state of Florida and installing George W. Bush as president.


A Saturday night dinner date with my husband turned out to be a fun night at El Potrillo Mexican Restaurant in Beaumont. The brightly lit, festive atmosphere was the first thing to draw us into the cheery, comfortable and conveniently located eatery on the Eastex Freeway. Once inside, we found friendly servers and management, and very good food. When the salsa and chips were delivered to our table, we knew we were in good hands.


‘Abraham Lincoln:

Vampire Hunter’

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell

Directed by: Timur


Rated: R