‘The Gunman’

Starring: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem

Directed by: Pierre Morel

Rated: R


Bistek Relleno

The building to the left of Texas Inn on Eastex Freeway has been home to several restaurants over the past decade – Willy Ray’s BBQ, Lone Star Steak House, and more recently J.A.C.K.K’s Diner – and while these barbeque places were smoked out, a new eatery might have what it takes to stay awhile.

Chris Lane
Big bull reds entertained lots of kids and adults during spring break. Most were

With a flood of runoff from our weekend deluge of rain, you can bet the farm that fishing is going to be affected, from inland rivers to the coastal bays. But one fishing option not likely to slow down can be found at the Sabine, Galveston and Calcasieu jetties. It involves catching bull reds and big black drum. Regardless of how muddy the water is at the jetties, red and black drum will be feeding in big-time numbers.


Several weeks ago, Dr. Syed Anwar, SETMA’s medical director, saw a 62-year-old lady with a history of hypertension, elevated cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis. She had a strong family history of cerebrovascular disease. Dr. Anwar did a complete workup, which included the usual evidenced-based tests. The patient was very concerned about “having a stroke.” Because of her concern, Dr.


Over the past several years, I have written columns praising Google for its Herculean efforts in digitizing and compiling massive amounts of historical data, digitizing and archiving millions of pages of old newspapers, creating an outstanding historical resource that could be searched as easily as today’s Web pages. In more than one column, I documented the enormous library of millions of old books and magazines that had been digitally preserved by Google, making them freely available to the public.