the cast of Kinky Boots performing

Kinky Boots has won every major Best Musical Award offered, and now the smash-hit comes to the Lutcher Theatre for one night only on Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 7:30 p.m.

With songs by pop icon Cyndi Lauper, this joyous musical celebration is about the friendships we discover, and the belief that you can change the world when you change your mind.

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Dear Annie:

When my dad passed away several years ago, he left a certificate of deposit to me. When it matured, I went to the bank with my mom because she had a CD that matured at the same time. The CD that Dad left me was a payable-on-death CD, with me as the only beneficiary, and my dad was the individual owner of the CD.

James Holly, M.D.

For those who were born before the mid-20th Century (1950), the approaching of 2018 brings us closer and closer to the mid-21st Century and only seven years until the quarter-of-a-century mark. It seems like yesterday that the Y2K scare was at the top of our “worry list.” How, those of us “historically” minded, often think in terms of anticipated events expected within the next 20 years and wonder how many of those events we will personally experience.

Country music artist Kevin Fowler

Texas Country pioneer Kevin Fowler returns to Southeast Texas to perform at Dixie Dance Hall on Crockett Street in downtown Beaumont on Saturday, Dec. 30, with doors opening at 7 p.m. From Amarillo, Fowler is no stranger to the area and has sold out venues and festivals for more than 15 years. He’s recorded seven full-length albums, the latest in 2016, called Coming To a Honky Tonk Near You.