As I drove Chuck Berry from the Houston airport to his gig in Winnie, we found ourselves laughing at the times of the not-so-great 1950s.

The broad generous smile held his 84 years well. His big hands and 6-foot-plus frame stretched out and relaxed as we talked of trials and tribulations that beset his career. He was jailed at one time without charges, taunted by white club owners and got less than a penny a record during his 66-year tenure on stage.


The annual springtime wild turkey seasons are getting close. In fact, the Rio Grande youth’s only seasons are March 26-27 and May 21-22 for the north zone. The south zone youth hunts are March 12-13 and May 7-8. The regular north zone season for 101 counties is April 2 through May 15. For the 54 south zone counties, the season goes from March 19 through May 1.


You might have decided to have a small vegetable garden, but then comes the decision of which vegetables to plant in your garden. There are some simple questions that might help you decide.

Plant vegetables that look good. Why hide your vegetables? You can even use your front yard to plant if you want to be “green” and avant-garde. Everyone can enjoy the view. Asparagus, eggplant, fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, lettuce, peppers, rhubarb, sunflowers and Swiss chard are downright pretty.


About two weeks ago, Gino’s Pizza and Pasta owner Ilir Nikqy started working out.

Coincidentally, at around that same time a few new items appeared on his menu — delicious, as would be expected from Nikqy, but also filling and healthy items.

“I’m always trying to make something new and fresh,” said Nikqy, affectionately known to his customers as “Nicky.” “I like to choose a few ingredients and create a dish out of them.”


Many musicians have had songs hit No. 1 on their respected music charts, but there aren’t many that can claim that they’ve had three consecutive No. 1 singles, especially in country music.

Chris Young can.

From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Young watched “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song),” “The Man I Want to Be” and “Voices” climb the country charts to the top spot and all were off his sophomore album The Man I Want to Be.