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The music industry is one of constant change. One thing is for certain though — Papa Roach is a mainstay in the rock world.

The rockers from Sacramento celebrated 10 years of greatness last September with the release Time for Annihilation, which is a 14-track disc with five new songs and nine live recordings of some of their best hits like “Getting Away with Murder,” “...To Be Loved,” “Lifeline,” “Scars” and “Last Resort.”


Metal band Kylesa, pronounced Ky-less-ah, will be one of over 100 artists performing at the two-day Summer Fest 3 at Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston. Watch the band on the Budweiser Stage on June 5 at 2:20 p.m.

The five-piece band from Savannah, Ga., formed in 2001 and have released five studio albums including their latest, Spiral Shadow. The record has received high praises from giving it the highest rated metal album of 2010.


Not many know, but Joe Nichols had a very tough decision to make as a teenager in high school — continue to play baseball and become the best baseball player he could be or go down the path of music. Apparently, it was the right one.

Born and raised in Rogers, Ark., Nichols, now 34, signed his first independent record contract at 20, but after several years of hard work, Nichols upgraded his status by signing with Universal Records, now Show Dog-Universal Music, and releasing Man with a Memory in 2002.