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Greetings and welcome to the annual Examiner Labor Day issue, where we celebrate the nobility of work and those who perform it every day – which includes most of us.

Labor Day is a holiday that was born in blood in 1894, when President Grover Cleveland pushed it through Congress just six days after multiple deaths during the Pullman Strike. Cleveland was seeking reconciliation with the labor movement that bloody summer, though those events are rarely mentioned when the first Monday in September rolls around each year.


We thank you so very much!

The Examiner has once again experienced a record-setting year. While others in our business continue to lay off personnel and ship jobs to India, we at The Examiner continue to grow.

For that, we thank you.


Every day throughout the community, the question put to me is always the same: Are they ever going to indict this group at BISD?

Many believe nothing is happening beyond the Calvin Walker indictment and are asking why there isn’t a full-scale federal investigation of Beaumont Independent School District.

People want to know who can they write, call or go see. They are asking if we should form a contingent of concerned community members to go to Houston, Austin or even Washington, D.C.