‘Abraham Lincoln:

Vampire Hunter’

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell

Directed by: Timur


Rated: R


Fast food! Buy local! Meals under 30 minutes! Meals under $10! Food, the act of eating and cooking have, together, become almost a national obsession. We no longer eat to nourish ourselves. We may eat for comfort, to encourage family time or to make a statement (think vegan). We want fast food, homemade food, inexpensive food and hormone-free food. The choices are enough to make a person queasy.


K, I’m officially hooked. I traveled to Lumberton to taste what many have said are the best hamburgers in our area, and we weren’t disappointed. But the thing that won me over was Leah Sligar’s famous homemade “butt rolls” at Dippity’s.


10 Years returns with a brand new record, Minus the Machine, which is set to release near the end of July. But talking with vocalist Jesse Hasek, this is more than just a new collection of music.

According to Hasek, the band departed with Universal Republic and recorded on their own under their own label — Palehorse Records. This is a follow up to their 2010 hit Feeding the Wolves.


With several records under her belt including The First Blood Mystery, The Disconnection and Slow Motion Addict, brilliant British musician Carina Round has proven with her new album — Tigermending — that she’s here to stay.

Don’t let her charming looks fool you. She’s no pop princess. Carina Round can flat out go with the best of them. In fact, she’s also a member of Puscifer. You know, the project started by Tool’s Maynard James Keenan?