Express Children’s Theatre presents ‘Ransom of Red Chief’

Thursday, July 18, at 2 p.m., the O. Henry literary classic “The Ransom of Red Chief” comes to life in this hilarious adaptation by Patricia Barry Rumble. This is the story of two crooks, Bill (Alan Gardiner-Atkinson) and Sam (Brandon Morgan) who plan a get-rich quick scheme to kidnap the very energetic child of a local banker. But they get a lot more — and a lot less — than they bargained for. Their 10-year-old victim, who refers to himself as an Indian named Red Chief (Nicholas Lewis), is barely missed.

Larry Jene Fisher

The Jefferson Theatre has endured nearly a century of wear and tear. It has outlasted hurricanes, floods, downtown deterioration and even an overzealous congregation who decided to destroy its original statuary, deeming the nude artwork unholy.