Taron Egerton in Rocketman


Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell

Directed by: Dexter Fletcher

Rated: R


Coincidences abound in this fantastical take on the meteoric rise of Elton John despite his many personal struggles. Director Dexter Fletcher recently stepped in to finish “Bohemian Rhapsody,” for which Rami Malek just won the Oscar for his portrayal of another flamboyant rocker, Freddie Mercury. 


No plants equals no life. Humans can­not breathe, eat, nor drink without culti­vating plants. The earliest gardens were grown in ancient Egypt for those needing rest in the shade under trees. Persians, Greeks, Romans – who many said they introduced cabbages – and even those in the Middle Ages grew gardens for medic­inal herbs, vegetables, orchards and vineyards. Fast forward to 2019.

Daily gardening chores like watering, weeding, trellising, mulching and har­vesting are fantastic ways to exercise.


At the turn of the century several members of our congress proposed that we do away with the patent office.  Can you only imagine what has been invented since that time? The non-forward looking members of Congress with no vision decided that everything worthwhile had already been invented; therefore, there was no need to keep the patent office open.  It is easy to make a list of things we use daily that are a result of scientific research done to put a man on the moon.


Having your own boat and being able to go fishing when and where you like on any given day is the only way to fly. The only glitch is knowing what kind of boat you need. Obviously, if you are into bass fishing you’ll want to get a bass fishing boat. But if you like to fish on the inland lakes and along the coast you’ll definitely do best with a center console. This type of boat is pretty much the best one to use in Southeast Texas. Having a boat that can be used for both bass fishing and going after trout and reds on the coast gives you a lot of options.


Just going to sit outdoors tends to calm my nerves and help me to relax. With that morning cup of coffee outside on the patio the caffeine kicks in and I usually end up with at least 30 minutes of gardening “regular duties” like pulling some weeds, clipping unruly branches or re-mulching. It always makes me feel energized. Studies are showing that gardening can lift your mood, energize your step and actually add years to your life.