A snake-eating snake, this rarely photographed 7-foot long indigo was seen on a
Bald eagle resting after being shot from the nest by a teen.

This has been one of the warmest winters on record for Texas, and with all that sunshine comes bad news in the form of snakes.


So I hear you’re looking for a new best friend, someone who is a real sweetheart. Well, I might just be who you’re looking for! I can accompany you on your daily walk or jog, and tag along on your weekend hikes. Or how about a new friend for your other dog? I really love to play and cuddle with dogs AND people! My name is Major, I’m a retriever mix who is around 2.5 years old, and I weigh 47 pounds. I’d LOVE to meet you, so please stop by the shelter and ask for me! Major No. 28949

BAS is now open Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Well, I hope you’re well rested because February should be a busy time for gardeners. This is a time when we here in the South can plant a lot of our veggies. We also use this month to fertilize cool-season grasses and treat our lawns. We begin planning what new items we may try in our gardens and yards this year. And we can use this time to prune and clip and strengthen growth patterns of existing plants. Have a limb heading off in the wrong direction? Now may be the time to clip it.

Natalie Sfeir

Natalie Sfeir, a sophomore speech/language pathology major from Beaumont, envisions a future where people with dementia are no longer ostracized for their disease.

“My ultimate goal is to help prevent institutionalization of those with dementia. I want to play a role in providing a better life for them — a life where they can go about doing normal activities, a life where they can remain, to some degree, independent,” she said.

Nissan’s redesigned Armada

With the introduction of the all-new second-generation Armada full-size SUV, the last piece of Nissan’s transformation of its SUV and crossover lineup falls into place. The 2017 Armada is the largest and most powerful vehicle in the Nissan portfolio, earning it flagship status. Unlike the original Armada, which was based on the Nissan Titan full-size pickup, the new-generation design traces back to Nissan’s popular global vehicle, the Patrol.