Brenda Cannon Henley

OK, so life hasn’t turned out exactly like you or I wanted it to, and we are somewhat sad. Our plans simply have not been on target, or we lost the partner or significant other that would help them to be fulfilled. Money is an issue, our health questionable and we just don’t understand that. Loved ones are far away from home. The car is old and is possibly on its last leg. The house needs painting. The insurance is due. We are having a baby perhaps too soon. There is addiction in the lives of loved family members.

2018 GMC Canyon Denali

Inside and out, the Canyon is pure GMC, with a quiet, refined interior distinguished by premium materials and a stylish exterior. With a starting MSRP of $21,100, the 2018 GMC Canyon is available in six trims: SL, Canyon, SLE, All Terrain, SLT and Denali.

Three body configurations are offered: an extended cab model with a six-foot two-inch bed, a crew cab with a five-foot two-inch bed, and a crew cab with a 6-foot, 2-inch bed.

James Holly, M.D.

Several years ago, as I stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., I recalled the haunting words of Dion Dimucci’s 1968 song eulogizing Abraham Lincoln, John and Bobby Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This simple song stirs a mournful longing and lament for these fallen leaders. The words to “Abraham, Martin and John” have been resonating through my soul as we celebrate Black History Month:

Bud the dog

This is Bud. He’s around 1 year old and weighs 43 pounds. Come by and ask about No. 32316 at Beaumont Animal Care.

All animals are held at Beaumont Animal Services a minimum of 24 business hours before becoming available for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting an animal should fill out an adoption application at www.beaumonttexas.gov or pick up one at 1884 Pine St. Any rescues that would like to pull an animal, call (409) 838-3304.

Richard Alderman

Q. I am in a dispute with my landlord. Is it legal to record my phone calls with him? Do I have to tell him I am recording it or have a beeping sound?