A few weeks ago, I wrote about Microsoft’s commitment to officially release Windows 10 on July 29. Microsoft has emphatically stated that Windows 10 will commence its rollout July 29, but do not expect to get your copy on that date. Due to the sheer volume of Windows users that have reserved a free download copy of the PC version of Windows 10, along with the release of the tablet and phone versions of Windows 10, it may take quite a while for users to actually be able to receive their copies of Windows 10. 

Dove hunters will have more opportunity earlier in the season with dates and bag

For many hunters here in Southeast Texas, September can’t get here fast enough. It marks the beginning of dove and teal seasons, and just recently the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service set season dates and bag limits that you are going to like.

The USFWS approved a 70-day dove season and a 15-bird daily bag limit. And thanks to record numbers of teal, we will have a 16-day early teal season.

Cactus blooms

What a wonderful surprise I saw the other morning on one of the hottest, dustiest and driest corners in town: The cactuses were in bloom. Even on this inhospitable corner, these courageous beauties showed off blooms that were as pretty as a rose.

In fact, plants from the huge cactus group are pretty perfect for you to consider in some high and dry area of your yard. There are also striking varieties of cacti for a windowsill or sunny spot inside your home. Some like a little shade, while some want sun all day.

Trainwreck poster

In a Judd Apatow comedy, you can always count on the lead character following the same story arc. Usually he’s a hard-partying, pot smoking schlep who meets a girl and messes it up due to commitment phobia. In the end, he gets his act together and gets the girl back. Happy ending.


Q. A credit card company sued me and has a judgment against me. Now it has garnished my bank account, and all the money in the account has been taken. I thought there was no garnishment in Texas?

A. With the exception of obligations for child support and student loans, Texas law prohibits wage garnishment. In other words, a creditor who sues for a credit card debt cannot garnish your wages through your employer. Creditors, however, can garnish a bank checking or savings account.