Q. I went to buy a present to give someone for Christmas. The store told me that if she didn’t like it, she could exchange it, but there were no returns. I decided not to buy it because I was afraid she wouldn’t like it. The store was small without a lot of selection. Is it legal for a store to not allow you to return a gift and get a refund?

A bouquet made of 100 roses, with one for each year of Connie Dickinson’s life

Connie Dickinson, volunteer extraordinaire, had a big day Tuesday, Oct. 18. She reached her 100th birthday and celebrated for several days with friends and coworkers.

Monday, the day before her special day, Vickie Holcombe, director of Volunteer Services at Baptist Beaumont Hospitals, staff, volunteers, patients and guests joined together to honor Connie on one of her regular volunteer days at the hospital.

The Land Cruiser features 8-passenger seating

Toyota has continually sold Land Cruiser models in the United States since 1957. Over the decades, the Land Cruiser has evolved into an impressive and luxurious SUV.

For 2016, Toyota Land Cruiser receives a whole new look, with the grille, integrated Land Cruiser logo and more all contributing to the new design signature. Additionally, chrome body side molding embossed with the Land Cruiser logo and new-design 18-inch alloy wheels accentuate the Land Cruiser’s muscular profile.


What’s up, world! My name is Onna, and I really love people. Every time I see them my little nub tail starts wiggling really fast! I love it when they give me a good head scratch, or even better, a belly rub! I get along well with other dogs and I love to cuddle with my kennel mates. I walk well on a leash, but I like to be the leader. I would love a spacious backyard to expel my energy.

Lexus ES 350
The 2016 Lexus ES 350 offers new interior luxury features and finishes, includin

After giving the ES 350 significant enhancements for 2015, Lexus maintains its momentum by endowing the 2016 ES 350 with a makeover for the front, rear and wheels.