Trout are difficult to pin down on Sabine Lake and East Galveston Bay. Your best

Fresh water from recent rains has caused bass fishing to surge, but on Sabine Lake, it’s making things difficult for anglers targeting reds, flounder and trout.

Sam Rayburn guide Bill Fondren says the water level there is about 7-1/2 feet high, and the fishing overall is slow.


Closing out every e-mail I have sent for several years is a favorite quote of mine. It reminds folks that we really should believe that everything we do matters – because it does.


Memorial Day has passed, but just one day of recognition does not do enough to express the debt of gratitude owed to those men and women who lost their lives serving our country in its time of need.



Starring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson

Directed by: Brad Bird

Rated: PG

flooded car

Q. My friend is trying to sell his flooded vehicle. The buyer offered around $16,000, which is about the right price if it was not flooded. The event of flooding has yet to make it to AutoCheck, which is why the price is near what it is worth in very good condition. What are the repercussions of selling this vehicle and not saying it was in a flood?