Binky the cat

This is Binkey, our sweet gal. She is a loving, kind, young, black and white female domestic house cat. Probably in human years, Binky is equivalent to a teenager. And with any teenager, Binky loves attention, toys and, of course, the ever famous “head and ear scratch.” Unlike most teenagers, she is very neat with her litter box and keeps a clean kennel. Binky gets along with other cats and would be a great companion. Binky can be seen at Beaumont Animal Care, 1884 Pine St., Beaumont. Ask for No. 31865.

James Holly, M.D.

For those who were born before the mid-20th Century (1950), the approaching of 2018 brings us closer and closer to the mid-21st Century and only seven years until the quarter-of-a-century mark. It seems like yesterday that the Y2K scare was at the top of our “worry list.” How, those of us “historically” minded, often think in terms of anticipated events expected within the next 20 years and wonder how many of those events we will personally experience.

Wild hogs captured by night vision camera

Pigs make white-tailed deer look stupid. It’s a fact that deer can become fairly predictable. Where you see them one day, you’ll more than likely see them the next in the same area, especially if you’re sitting in a blind watching a feeder. On the flip side, pigs are capable of being here, there and everywhere on any given day or night.

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Dear Annie:

When my dad passed away several years ago, he left a certificate of deposit to me. When it matured, I went to the bank with my mom because she had a CD that matured at the same time. The CD that Dad left me was a payable-on-death CD, with me as the only beneficiary, and my dad was the individual owner of the CD.