Photo by Stephanie Reger

Every few years, I torture myself and attempt to grow one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. My object of sure disappointment is the peony. But aren’t they just gorgeous!

According to our friends at Wikipedia, the peony is a flowering plant of the genus Paeonia. They are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America. Peony experts can attest to around 40 or so species of this most lovely flower. They are among the most popular garden plants in some regions, but alas, not easy to grow here.


The Infiniti QX80 offers premium style yet is capable of transporting up to eight people in spacious elegance.

Photo by Buddy Oaks

Lots of speckled trout, reds and flounder are being caught on Sabine Lake, Keith Lake and Calcasieu on a variety of lures and live baits. The water temperature on Sabine Lake is about 79 degrees.

Some of the best action of the year for both reds and flounder is along the Louisiana shoreline of Sabine Lake. Guide Jerry Norris says he’s catching lots of flounder on Berkley Gulps in pink or white while working the mouths of bayous, and small inlets along the Louisiana shoreline.


This little frisky fella is Leonardo. He’s definitely not a needy cat. He wouldn’t mind if you work long hours as long as you keep his food and water bowl full and his litter box clean. He’ll be delighted when you get home and might even want to snuggle with you! We believe Leonardo is around 9 months old. He currently weighs 7 pounds.  Please stop by the shelter to meet Mr. Leonardo!! Leonardo # 25815

Dr. Jack Johnston has about 50 different surgical caps with decorations ranging

There’s a lot to look at when entering a new doctor’s office: photos of the family, wall art and perhaps a few old magazines. And then there’s the doctor himself. Wait. Are those sandals?

When Dr. Jack Johnston of the Beaumont Bone and Joint Institute walks into his office at 2501 Jimmy Johnson Boulevard in Port Arthur, probably what will surprise first-time patients the most is the footwear selection of the physician. Don’t expect to see traditional, white hospital shoes when Dr. Johnston enters the exam room.