Infiniti’s luxury crossover, the QX60

With a starting MSRP of $42,600, the popular Infiniti QX60 continues to stand out in the luxury crossover segment with its 3-row utility and premium features.

Seven-passenger luxury

Popping corks fished with either live shrimp or soft plastics are taking lots of

Every time the water on Sabine Lake starts to clear up, we get a flood of rain water that throws everything off kilter. But believe it or not, all that stained water is holding good numbers of trout and reds.

“We seem to be doing best on the south end of the lake,” said Sabine Lake guide Jerry Norris. “Live shrimp are good, but soft plastics in bright colors are good, too.”

Right now, the water temperature is holding around 77 degrees on Sabine.

My mother, Flo Ella Cannon Davis, and Brendan Michael Jones, her great grandson

Mother’s Day has never been a favorite holiday of mine. There are many reasons, but the main one is that I felt I could never please my biological mother with any gift. She always found a way to make me (and others) know that she did not like it or that I did not do my best. That was just my mother.

James  Holly, M.D.

April 19, 2016, Dr. Michael Oszczakiewicz asked if due to his surgery schedule, I could fill in for him and speak to the Lamar University Pre-Med Club, similar to the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). I agreed. It was great fun.

If you have bad soil, you can still have a vegetable garden. Build a raised bed

Maybe you have always wanted to vegetable garden but are intimidated by the whole process. Until you taste the fresh-from-the-garden flavors and vibrant textures of homegrown, you might not appreciate why folks grow their own. It doesn’t have to be hard, and there are some simple guidelines to make sure you have success.

Generally, you have to choose the best location, choose which vegetables you want to grow and make yourself start small. Just three or four tomato plants will give you and probably a neighbor all of the tomatoes you could possibly use.