The GX 460 has EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of 17 mpg combined, 15 mpg cit

The GMC Terrain ushers in its 2016 model year with a new, more contemporary appearance, along with refreshed enhancements.

Terrain lineup

Donna and Steve Heironimius of Donna's Farm
Elizabeth Waddill, Karen McCormick, Becki Stedman

You have GOT to go there this weekend. I’m talking about the Beaumont Farmers Market at the athletic complex on College Street in Beaumont. The BFM is a locally run, seasonal, open-air market that runs roughly February through December. The hours are 8-11 a.m. but the crowd usually gets there early for the best “pickings.”

This big diamondback water snake was among many spotted last week along a river

We were about the only boat on the Nueces River last Friday, March 4, and the white bass were plentiful and easy to catch. Everything seemed to be fine until I noticed something at the back of the boat. I looked over and about 3 feet of a 5-foot-long snake had slithered into the boat. Talk about a panic attack. There were two of us in a 17-foot, flat-bottomed boat, and there definitely was not any room left for a snake. I quickly whacked it with the tip of my fishing pole and it reversed direction and swam out of sight.


I don’t really know if it is a woman thing or a man thing or perhaps a people thing, but we seem to spend so much of our time worrying about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future that we forget to enjoy today. I am guilty. I have found myself going through so many adjustments and changes since my husband died Aug. 16, 2014, that little has seemed normal or “right” in my world.


In 2016-2017, SETMA will be reaccredited by the following organizations:

1. NCQA Diabetes Recognition (accredited from 2010-2016) reaccreditation due April 2016