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Although keeping a healthy diet is important, like we mentioned last week, everyone needs a cheat day. In fact, our brains are hardwired with a desire for sweetness.


Smart phones and home gaming consoles seem to have all but killed off the old arcades that Gen Xers fondly remember as favorite hangouts after school. And while you still have a few big mega arcades in Houston like Dave & Buster’s and Main Event that cater as much if not more to adults than kids, and the chain arcade Tilt in Beaumont, the mom-and-pop style arcades that you used to see on almost every street corner in the ’80s and ’90s seem to have faded away.


United Way of Beaumont & North Jefferson County distributed nearly $2 million among 19 local partner agencies at an allocation award ceremony Tuesday, July 18, at the Foundation for Southeast Texas.

The money, raised during United Way’s annual campaign, comes from donors, individuals who live and work in the community, as well as corporate donors, said John Rollins, public relations/community impact director for the United Way of Beaumont & North Jefferson County.


Electric-powered, oversized plush reclining seats, wall-to-ceiling screens, state-of-the art surround sound systems and beer and wine selections at the concession stand are luxuries that Southeast Texans might have never imagined their local theater would offer.

But those luxuries, which many traveled to Houston or Austin to enjoy, are now available right here in Beaumont.

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Chicken-fried chicken, seasoned green beans and fried okra

After a five-year hiatus, a long-standing Mauriceville tradition has returned and is receiving an outstanding reception.

Tuffy’s Eatery, best known for its homemade rolls and pies — not to mention its plate-filling chicken-fried steaks — reopened May 16, and Southeast Texans have shown that they appreciate the restaurant’s comeback.