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While the producers of this probably weren’t planning on a sequel, the 2013 movie featuring the Four Horsemen was so well received it begged for more story. Again, you must suspend any disbelief to enjoy this second serving of cotton candy. It’s as fluffy as that confection and just as enjoyable.


It’s not even officially summer yet and already superhero fatigue has set in. Why must the world always be at risk? So filmmakers can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on special effects and our super friends can save us. My cape and mask to the next writer who can script one of these storylines so that some other planet has a crisis.


The dismal sequel to the hit comedy “Neighbors,” which premiered this past weekend is indicative of what passes for entertainment these days. Take a modest box office winner from a couple of summers ago and use it to launch another one.

It’s easier than coming up with more original material.

Money Monster

‘Money Monster’

Starring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts

Directed by: Jodie Foster

Rated: R



‘Captain America: Civil War’

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr.

Directed by: Joe and Anthony Russo

Rated: PG-13