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I’ll take the dystopian future over fur and fangs any day. That is to say I was never a fan of the “Twilight” movies based on the best-selling young adult novels. Then along came “Hunger Games,” and so far those have been more inter­esting. Now on its heels comes another series of movie-ready young adult nov­els, beginning with “Divergent,” from writer Veronica Roth.

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Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations are out, and the Academy Award nominations will be announced Jan. 16, so now is the time to catch all the nominated films still in theaters or coming soon.


An aging baseball scout, a couple of rogue cops and a charismatic cult leader all debuted this week in theaters and the results fared from so-so to fantastic.

  • ‘Arbitrage’
  • Starring: Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon
  • Directed by: Nicholas Jarecki
  • Rated: R

  • ‘The Words’
  • Starring: Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons
  • Directed by: Brian Klugman
  • and Lee Sternthal
  • Rated: PG-13