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King mackerel are big, bad and fast, and they can be caught on a variety of lure

Fishing for king mackerel can be big-time fun from 10 to 35 miles off the Sabine jetties. From now until the end of October, they can be caught all day long around baitfish, shrimp boats and the rigs. Probably the most exciting way to catch king mackerel is with a topwater plug or by fishing jigs and spoons around shrimp boats.

All sorts of lures can be used to catch a mix of trout and reds like this. Some

There have been a gazillion lures made over the past several decades that are designed specifically to catch speckled trout and redfish, but there are a few that stand out like a sore thumb and have the ability to catch these very popular game fish on any given day at any given time. Here are a few of the very best lures that have proved their worth time and again.

Lake Fork’s four entries during the past season weighed 14.06, 13.11, 16.04 and

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s ShareLunker Program has come to an end for the 2013 season. The nearest lake to the Golden Triangle to give up a 13-pound-plus bass during this season’s program is Toledo Bend. Feb. 15, Toledo Bend Reservoir gave up a 13.06-pound bass to Louisiana angler Casey Martin, who was fishing a tournament. Martin’s fish, now Toyota ShareLunker 543, was 26 inches long and 21 inches in girth.