Killing Clover proves punk is alive and kickin’

Killing Clover proves punk is alive and kickin’

Formed in 2009 in Houston, Killing Clover gives us a sound reminiscent of Bad Religion, The Misfits and a little of The Ramones. Forming in 2009 in Houston, the band  plays gigs at Warehouse Live  and will soon be competing in the Battle of the Bands at Fitzgerald’s on Sept. 4.

Primarily seen in the Houston area, Killing Clover is ready to take their show on the road. The band consists of Felix Savala (vocals), Mitch Shaw (guitar), David Haynes (bass) and Jason Cluthe (Drums).


Felix and Mitch spoke briefly with The Examiner


Who do you consider your biggest influences?


Felix: My biggest influences would have to be Face to Face, No Use For A Name and basically all of the old 90's So-Cal bands. We all have different influences. I think one thing that makes us who we are is that we all come from different interests in music. I listen to everything but mainly punk-rock. Mitch is into a lot of blues, country, and rock-n-roll. David is our indie kid and Jason is a punk rocker.


Can you describe the band for those who have never heard of Killing Clover?


Felix: I would have to say that we are bringing back that old sound punk and at the same time throwing a new twist into it.


How’d you come up with the band name?


Mitch: It came from my aunt and my cousins. My aunt was pulling weeds and my cousin asked what she was doing. She said killing clovers and my cousins were like, that's a cool band name. We changed it to just killing clover and I made some graphics for it. This was before I was in the band so when I joined this band they still didn't have a name and I threw this one out. We all loved it and thought it was cool so we kept it.


How has your reception been live, and how important are your live shows?


Felix: We always have energy at our shows, of course like all bands, we don't always play to the most packed houses but no matter what, we play like we are playing in front of huge crowds. We never want to let down the fans even if it's a free show. To me playing in front of 100's is just as important as playing in front of a few people. I never want to hear a fan say it wasn't that good or it was boring. No matter where we play or who is there watching, we will always have that energy and excitement.


What can we expect to see from Killing Clover in the future?


Felix: Right now we are in the studio working on a full album and we are about to release a demo for our patient fans that have been with us waiting for music. We are anticipating the release of the full album probably towards the end of the year. We have a couple of shows lined up at Warehouse Live and Battle of the Bands at Fitzgerald’s and this is the final round. The first one was in January and it’s based on crowd voting. It’s an important show and we will also hand out the demo CD there as well.


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