Broadway, Beatles and Blues

Broadway, Beatles and Blues

The dust has barely settled from the Lutcher Theater’s 2010-2011 season and folks are already calling trying to purchase their season tickets for the 2011-12 season. This year’s lineup boasts some pretty big productions coming to our fair neighbors in Orange, and if we can make one recommendation, that would be to go ahead and get your tickets early.

The season opens with “Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles,” the Broadway smash hit of Beatles impersonators that have now performed live together longer than the original boys themselves. As they deliver a totally live, note for note, word for word performance of Beatles hits, (oh, you know, songs like “Hey Jude,” “Come Together” and “Let It Be,”), the show offers the next best thing to the real thing — which is a pretty incredible experience, we’d say.

Following the blazin’ Beatles trail is “Young Frankenstein,” the musical adaptation of Mel Brook’s classic comedy of the young Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced Fronkenshteen) rediscovering his Transylvanian heritage, so to speak. 

“Shrek the Musical” will barrel into town with the famous ogre and the entire gang — Donkey, Fiona, and Lord Farquaad — with incredible production value and make-up that looks as though the characters have stepped straight out of the film. “South Pacific,” “In the Heights” and “The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller” will round out the 2011 leg of the season, and 2012 will begin on the roof with a fiddler — “Fiddler on the Roof” — before the world renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet company will pirouette onto the stage all the way from Canada for the ballet rendition of “Moulin Rouge.”

February 2012 will feature the world famous love story of ’Enry ’Iggins and a charming young flower girl by the name of Eliza Doolittle — “My Fair Lady” — and then comes the highly anticipated show of 2012, the silent, enigmatic and messy trio of bald blue men — “Blue Man Group.”

“Doubt” will add an intellectually captivating show to the season lineup, based on the Pulitzer Prize winning story that tackles faith, trust and the church; and just as the season began it shall also close with rock n’ roll — “The All New Original Tribute to The Blues Brothers.” 

According to Jim Rich, managing director of the Lutcher, this year they’re hoping to draw a new crowd of theater goers to fill the 1,500 seats at the beautiful venue.

“Movies can touch, but the live experience of sitting next to people and experiencing something on an emotional level, sharing that with a thousand other people at the same time, has a different kind of impact than when you go to the movie theater,” mused Rich. “I was watching ‘The King’s Speech’ a while back, and at one time in the movie everybody applauded — but the artist never hears that applause and shares that reaction with the audience. In the live theater, the audience is reacting to what is being done by the performer on stage, and the energy from the audience is causing the performer to perform at a higher level. That’s an incredible thing to experience when it comes to entertainment.”

Season packages for show tickets go on sale June 1, which is the best value and guarantee a theater-goer can take advantage of; with time-valued dynamic pricing on show and concert tickets, folks who wait just a little too late could wind up paying the price of four shows to see one. 

“We’ve booked multiple dates for several of these productions, but they really fill up quickly as the show date approaches,” said Rich, who also cautioned new patrons to beware of online scalper sites, advising those interested in purchasing show tickets at the Lutcher to call the box office or visit

 “We’ve had some folks pay well over triple the price for show tickets; always watch our dates for when we put tickets on sale,” Rich said.

Packages can be assembled according to individual preferences such as the Spotlight Saver Package, which allows patrons the opportunity to create their own combination package of four or more shows ranging between only $85-$270, and this year’s Broadway Package includes “Shrek the Musical” and “Blue Man Group” among the options, and of course includes premium seating according to availability. View a complete list of package options online at, and call the box office (409) 886-5535 to purchase season tickets. 

With a season packed full of musicians and unusual performance artists, these shows will indeed bring new faces to the Lutcher Theater — and they’d like you to be one of them.