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David Granitz

Saturday, Feb. 27, is the final time to see the work of artist David Granitz, a 37-year-old Beaumont native, at The Art Studio (720 Franklin) in downtown Beaumont. His exhibition is titled “Eulipion Constructs: The Recent Artwork of David W. Granitz III.”

“All I have to do right now is focus on my art, and that is a very rare thing for an artist,” he says. “I feel more creative and I feel like it is culminating into a point — and that the artwork for this show is going to be the evidence of this opportunity.”

The show’s title is inspired by jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s “Theme for the Eulipions.” 

“It reflects the spirit of the artist doing something in the world,” Granitz said.

Granitz plays music and writes poetry, in addition to his visual art. In “Theme for the Eulipions,” poet Betty Neals defines the artist as a Eulipion — a “journey agent” — and that all artists’ works are a gift to the world.

Like the creative musicians whose sounds fill his studio space, Granitz incorporates improvisation as free-form images overlay “chiseled” geometric forms — the works reflect a carefully constructed foundation of skills acquired over years of study and practice.

“I believe in workmanship, spending time, not wanting so immediate,” he says. “It’s very hard, it’s complex, it’s strenuous. I have high expectations and I want to be proud of my art when I let it go out into the world.”

For more information view artstudio.org or call (409) 838-5393.