Slow Food Beaumont presents Slow Cheer

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Did you know that local chefs provided tens of thousands of meals during the worst days of Hurricane Harvey? Slow Food Beaumont would like to thank our local restaurants for their heroic efforts during the storm while providing a little relief and good cheer to those who suffered damage.

 The project Slow Cheer is purchasing gift cards for locally-owned establishments that donated meals to shelters and first responders after Harvey or which have been damaged by the storm.  These cards will then be distributed to the employees of local restaurants who are burdened by recovery costs. In the second week of December, Slow Food Beaumont will distribute $30 gift cards in an effort to spread a little cheer throughout the community.

 The project has many purposes: saying thanks, contributing to the local food scene, and providing aid to those impacted by Harvey. The hope is that the gift of a night out will help to build community while supporting strong family relationships. Endless days of confinement during the storm, unfamiliar living situations afterward, combined with the stress of rebuilding efforts and financial strains have taken a toll on many relationships. Slow Food Beaumont believes the sharing of food between loved ones has the restoring power to heal frayed emotions.  

 Slow Food Beaumont is contributing $750 to the project as seed money, and the hope is to match that with donations. Our goal is to raise enough money to buy 50 $30 gift cards to distribute this holiday season. People can donate to the project through Paypal, check, or attending the “friendsraiser” event in early December. Save the date! This will be a “locavore” picnic at Tyrrell Park on Sunday, Dec. 3, 1-3 p.m. Members and friends are invited to bring dishes made with local ingredients sourced from within 100 miles of Beaumont to showcase the bounty of our region while helping out local farmers and ranchers.

 In addition, event organizers are soliciting for donations from Slow Food chapters around the country who will be encouraged to send donations of $30 to buy gift cards in their chapter’s name. This will show the goodwill and generous spirit of a larger Slow Food family that stretches around the country and around the world.  

“During the storm, local chefs showed us that one act of kindness leads to another,” oraganizers say. “Our project is small in scope but big in heart. We love our special city and hope this little gesture of goodwill will boost spirits and spread cheer throughout the community.”