Temporary exhibit of student art from across Texas

Art on display at the Big Thicket

Big Thicket National Preserve has announced the installation of a new temporary art exhibit in the park’s visitor center. Titled “All the Little Things,” this art installation, a part of the Dream Rocket Project, encouraged students throughout Texas to create more than 70 pieces of art highlighting the vast array of plants and animals found in the Thicket. Each piece represents the student’s unique perspective on the diversity of the natural environment throughout this region. More than 975 students from 20 different Texas schools, including Evadale High School, Jasper Junior High, Conroe High School, and Fehl-Price Elementary School in Beaumont, created art for this exhibition, which will be on display through the month of April.

“We invite visitors to see the preserve in a new way,” stated Big Thicket National Preserve Superintendent Wayne Prokopetz. “Parks are much more than hiking destinations. They can be places of inspiration, rejuvenation, and research … (and) have inspired art since the beginning of time.”

Big Thicket National Preserve’s involvement in the Dream Rocket Project is supported through a grant from the Western National Parks Association. Visit www.wnpa.org to learn more

For general information about Big Thicket National Preserve, visit www.nps.gov/bith or call the preserve visitor center at (409) 951-6700.