Annie's Mailbox

Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie:

I have three dogs. I love them and treat them well. In turn, I expect and receive good behavior. And I wish people wouldn’t assume that just because I have dogs, it’s fine for them to bring their dogs over when they come by my house.

I have had people bring dogs that have peed on my dogs’ beds, on walls, on a wicker chest. One even pooped in a bedroom. They have chewed and destroyed my dogs’ toys, too.

How can I tactfully tell folks who are coming to visit not to bring their dogs? I never take my dogs to other people’s homes unless they’re invited. 

— Gone to the Dogs

Dear Gone to the Dogs:

What’s wrong with saying, “Please don’t bring your dog along”? It’s not rude — just direct. Let the folks whose dogs are destroying your furniture worry about having more tact.

Dear Annie:

I go to a large warehouse grocery that requires customers to stand in a line to have their receipt checked before they can exit the store. I have noticed that as I am heading toward the exit, there is a mad rush of people who scurry ahead of the people who are forming lines, wanting to get to the door before everyone else.

With everything that is happening in the world today, I know my complaint about this sounds trivial. But when it happens time and time again, I begin to wonder what has happened to us as a society when common courtesy is completely ignored. Have we become so self-centered that we are blind to this behavior?

— Sad Sign of the Times

Dear Sad Sign of the Times:

A message to all line cutters: Cut it out. Think of every line as a free lesson in patience.