Brenda Cannon Henley: Wanting what we have

Brenda Cannon Henley

In talking with one of my grandchildren the other day, I discovered a phenomenon that has not changed since I was a teen, and believe me, that has been a very long time now. (I celebrated my 75th birthday on Dec. 23, 2017). He wanted what he did not have, when just a few weeks ago, he wanted what he now has.

He lived to get his driver’s license, graduate from school, perhaps get a good job, and work for a year or so before college or the military. He has all that and now wants a better or different vehicle, to travel more, and of course, to have more money at the end of the week or month. Oh, and did I mention a wife, new home, fancy car, nice landscaping, and money in the bank? Laughing to myself, I decided he is no different than most of us. We just want for different things at different times in our lives.

While reflecting on this conversation, I read a little story that came to my inbox...

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