Christmas gift, or a lump of coal?

Carl Parker

There has been much discussion concerning the recently adopted tax measure by our Congress. Our president claims he has given us all a great Christmas present. The question is, has he given us a valuable gift, or a lump of coal?

When I was a small child, about 6 years old, my parents explained to me that if I was naughty, Santa would more than likely leave me a lump of coal rather than a nice gift. I recall on one occasion we had left the house to go on some family errand and upon returning, I quickly went to check the Christmas tree to see if perhaps Santa Claus had seen fit to arrive a little early.

To my dismay, under the Christmas tree was a package of lumps of coal. You can imagine how devastated I was to realize I had not measured up in Santa’s eyes. I was so distraught that I am certain it brought tears to my eyes, which in turn caused my dad to reconsider the practical joke he had played on me. Based on my promise to be forever a good kid and never again do anything naughty, my parents promised to intervene with Santa Claus and see that I got some nice toys on Christmas day.

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