Don't Quit

Don't Quit

I remember when I was a very young Christian getting discouraged about a matter within our church family. I went to the pastor’s office and talked with him a good while about the incident and asked for prayer and instruction. Because my husband and I worked on the church staff, Dr. Hutson was not only my spiritual leader, but my employer. My needs concerned him and he wanted to help. He wisely gave me sage advice that I have tried to remember since that time.

In the past few weeks, several good people I know well have become discouraged and downtrodden with the cares of life. Two are battling health issues with no real answers. One is facing a broken relationship that he does not want to happen. Still others are dealing with financial insecurity and a real fear of the unknown. One young lady is away at college and doesn’t know if she has the financial income to be able to stay. She is a straight A student to boot. Hope is a precious commodity for these dear people whom I love.

Life is not always the bed of roses we hope it to be. There are times when it feels we must be living among the thorns rather than the beautiful, sweet smelling blossoms. It seems that troubles, like many other things, really do come in groups of three. It is as if Satan says, “I’ve got the old heifer down. Now, you guys ponce on her, too.”

This little writing, Don’t Quit, has helped me more times than I can count. It is when we are often at our lowest that we must not give in, give up, give out, and quit. That is just what the devil wants us to do. I am sure he is angered when we bite the bullet, dig our heels in, and stay for the duration of the battle.

May I encourage some of our readers today to take this writing to heart. Perhaps you will want to cut it out and put it on the refrigerator door or on the bathroom mirror. I know one man that carried this little encouragement in his wallet until it was torn to shreds with age and reading.

May God grant us the strength to stay in the battle and not quit. Victory may be just around the corner.


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