Five Smooth Stones - Part 2

Five Smooth Stones - Part 2

In a recent column, I wrote about David, the young shepherd boy, killing the great giant of the Philistine army that taunted the Israelites. Goliath of Gath would come out on the mountainside and bellow out across the valley, “Don’t you guys have anyone that will fight me?” He was big and he was bad. No one in Saul’s army wanted to take on that challenge because they feared being killed and the Philistines taking over their land and people. There are so many good stories within these verses found in 1 Samuel 17, and I have heard so many really good sermons from this text, as well as read countless pages of remarks, I hardly know where to start and where to stop.

One thing I personally admire about David is that Goliath, his size, his threats, his companions, or his intent didn’t sway him. David was offered the armor belonging to Saul to wear for the battle, but he said no. David said, “I have not proved it.” In other words, he would simply stick to the way of life he knew as a faithful shepherd. He would use only the tools God provided. He most likely had used a slingshot and stones while guarding his father’s sheep on the hillsides. After all, he had killed a lion and a bear protecting the sheep. Most of the time in life, I am convinced that we are better off to do what we have proven over the years. Rely on the Word of God and his teaching in our lives.

If we are Christian people, we have no business hooking up with unbelievers. It just won’t work. We believe one thing. They believe another. If we strive to live for Christ in our daily lives, our paths will not be smooth because our partner will want to do things as he sees them — perhaps without good judgment, lying often, not having respect for others, not attending church, not giving of income to help others, and so forth. It will be an open battleground and that is no way to live. This fact is true in relationships of a personal nature or a business nature. We must be careful in our choices and stick to what we know is best for us. If we claim to be Christian people, live by the doctrines of the Word of God.

I thought it interesting that David picked up five smooth stones. Debates by scholars have gone on for years as to what he would have done with the other four stones after using one to kill Goliath. Most teachers and speakers seem to think he was being prepared for other Philistines that would take up Goliath’s challenge. I do not know for certain and I can find no proof text that indicates Goliath had four brothers, as some have suggested, but I do think we can learn from David’s example. Don’t get by on just one hope or plan. Be prepared with more than one idea, one diversion, or one escape route.

What kinds of giants do we face today in our lives? I hear from people every week of my life that are facing health, financial, relationship, employment, broken hearts, and other issues and they are indeed giants in their eyes. I honestly do not see how folks face the problems we have today without the Lord in their lives. I constantly turn to Scripture, my Christian friends, music that uplifts, and fellowship to help me bear my burdens. If you do not think you have any giants in your life today, hang tight, they are just around the corner. 

Perhaps the death of a love one is a huge giant that you are dealing with today. You may feel you cannot go on alone, and that you will never be happy again. Face that giant square in the eye and tell him that God’s Word says he will be with you and that he will be a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless. God has a plan for each of our lives if we will only look for it and claim it. Better days are ahead.

Our bodies have a lot to do with our spirituality. The devil knows if we feel terrible, cannot eat, it hurts to walk, do not have a health plan, lack of insurance, or no doctor that we trust, he has a much better chance at keeping us immobile, not on our toes, unable to help others, and down in the dumps. Tell that giant to get lost. Get up, get dressed, get out, and change your life as best you can. Seek medical help and determine what is wrong in your body and set about getting it repaired.

Relationship issues are big giants that must be dealt with over and over at times. Finances are also scary giants that beset many of our friends and neighbors. Believe it or not, shyness is a giant that can be dealt with for some. Addictions of various sorts are hard giants to beat, but it can be done with help and encouragement. David faced and killed the giant Goliath. We can face ours, too, with the help of God.