Gift of Life offers lifesaving imaging

Gift of Life offers lifesaving imaging

The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 15,000 Texas women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and nearly 6,000 women will lose their lives to this devastating disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, one in six women has a lifetime probability of developing pre-cancerous cells in the breast, and one in eight has a lifetime likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer (in which cancer impacts healthy cells).

The Gift of Life has an immediate availability of 100 additional free mammograms for medically underserved women. Screening events include the provision of educational material, healthy snacks and personal toiletries. Transportation and childcare (at van sites) are provided for those women who need it.

Screenings are made available at Baptist Hospital Beaumont and Orange campuses and on the UTMB mobile mammography van. The Gift of Life serves individuals throughout a seven-county area (Chambers, Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange and Tyler), focusing on underserved populations. The Gift of Life annually provides more than 2,300 free mammograms and clinical breast exams, with more than 24,000 screenings having been made available since the organization’s inception.

During the past two and a half years, 36 medically underserved women have been diagnosed with breast cancer and given treatment and provided support. Screening mammograms are widely accepted as the most effective means currently available to reduce breast cancer deaths, as they can often detect breast cancer at an early stage, when treatment is more effective and a cure is more likely.

For American women of every ethnic background, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer, and it is the second most prevalent cause of cancer death.

To find out if you quality for a free screening, call (409) 833-3663.