Give God the opportunity

Give God the opportunity

Facing what seemed like an un-mendable situation recently, I thought of something my old pastor had said to me one time many years ago: “Give God the opportunity to work in your life, and in this situation in particular.” What he was suggesting I do seemed impossible, difficult, time constraining, and very sad to me. I couldn’t see a good outcome.

But he was right then, and I am certain this truth has been proved correct many more times since that time. We think on man’s terms. God thinks (and acts) on God’s terms. They are vastly different. His ways are not our ways. We are finite creatures. He is infinite. We only know a little. He knows everything and everyone.

Are you facing something in your life that seems to be such a big mountain that you can find no way to make even a tiny trail and have little hope of getting to the top?

Perhaps it has to do with a mate, or perhaps a child you love more than you love your own life. For many, just now, it is troublesome worries with finances or the lack of those finances. Your home might be in jeopardy. You might be losing your vehicle — the transportation that gets you back and forth to the job you must somehow keep. For others, it is physical. You are in pain and perhaps you cannot find a medical doctor you trust or cannot afford the necessary medicine or treatment needed. For yet others, it is misunderstandings, hurt feelings, lies and taunting. Many are embroiled in legal battles that seem to have no end.

Would you allow me to tell you in print today, right here on this page, that God loves you? He knows about your situation, He cares about what happens to you and to your loved ones, and if you (and I) will only turn over the reigns of our lives to Him, He will find a way to take our brokenness and pain and make it something beautiful and useful.I don’t pretend to know how He will choose to act, the people He will choose to use, and when He will come to help you, but I know He cares and He has a plan for every life that He has allowed. It is exciting to see how and when the God we serve will deliver us. May we be willing to trust Him with our pain, sorrow, failed plans, discarded dreams and broken hearts.

If we as fellow human beings will look around us and ask God to touch our cold hearts and show us something that needs doing for His children, our community, in our church, and most of all in our homes, He will be honored to use us, and these many needs can start to be met. Is there not someone, just one soul, that you could help today in some way? Who knows, it might start a mountain of good will and restoration rolling downward to so many others.

God bless each one of us today. Help us to be sensitive to those around us who have needs, and help us to be eager to help meet those needs. God uses people to help other people, but only those who are willing and available.

Brenda Cannon Henley is an award-winning journalist and writer living on the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast. Having enjoyed more than four decades in ministry, Brenda shares her columns with our readers and works with churches and faith-based programs nationwide. She can be reached at (409) 781-8788 or at brendacannonhenley [at] yahoo [dot] com.