God is the smallest details of our lives

courtesy photo

When I lose a lot of sleep and have many things on mind that seemingly I cannot do anything about, I find myself drifting toward the ground of worry. The mantra I claimed for myself at the beginning of 2014 proves once again to me that God knows every single thing about His children and that He has ordained whatever will be to be. I claimed the little two-word phrase “fret not” at the beginning of the year, and we are just into the third month and I think I have about worn it out already.

I once heard in person the delightful Ethel Waters sing on the Billy Graham Crusade. She sang the song I will always remember as being “her song.” “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me,” is a truth most Christians believe, but it is sometimes difficult to remember that fact and base our actions, thoughts and prayers on those words. It is expressly more difficult when there is trouble in the camp or a dear loved one is very ill and things are hectic.

With my husband’s sudden and completely surprising diagnosis of esophageal cancer recently, I have hardly stopped. We are trying to remain positive and upbeat and encouraging to all we meet, but boy, has our world changed. I am seldom ill and I am not accustomed to bottles and bottles of prescriptions, going back and forth to the pharmacy, juggling doctor’s appointments, taking physical care of Ted as well as our home, taking care of household bills, driving everywhere, and trying to make plans based on things that keep changing in front of my very eyes.

Thank God for helpful family members and friends who simply say, “We are here. What can we best do for you?” I have already learned with this journey that when someone gets bad news or is hurting, we shouldn’t simply stay away. Don’t ignore the person or his family. They need your friendship more than ever. I think some of us, myself at the top of the list, tend to just pray quietly but perhaps not express that to the hurting people. If we do not know what to say, we say nothing. I suppose we fear we will say the wrong thing or become a part of the problem. Call, write, visit and encourage as often as you can.

This morning I was feeling just a bit overwhelmed and walked into my breakfast nook to put something in the utility room. I looked down at my beautiful collection of Christmas cactus plants. They had just bloomed at Christmas time and I delighted in watching them. But on the last few days of February, lo and behold, they are blooming mightily again. In fact, they have more brightly colored blooms today than they did in December. How is that possible?

Actually, if you know, don’t tell me, please. I have decided that God knew that this morning when my husband and I are on our way to Oncology for a tentative plan of treatment for a bad cancer that we did not know he had, I needed a bright, happy reminder that God is still on the throne, in control of our lives, and that He loves us and wants our hearts to be at peace.

His eye is truly on the sparrow, and He makes every living thing beautiful in His time. Thank God, for the little details we can see, touch, and sense that assures us we are His and He is ours.

Our Anchor holds amidst the beautiful cactus blooms.