Grateful for both remission, romance

Grateful for both remission, romance

While writing my two columns for the printings nearing Thanksgiving 2015, I received a telephone call from a dear old friend. Actually, The Examiner’s publisher introduced me to this wonderful human being when he asked me to meet with him and his wife and get to know what many describe as a character in our area and write a story for our newspaper. I knew the minute I said hello I was onto something good, and I have not changed my mind in more than a decade of friendship. It seems that when I am having a bad day, or struggling with something that seems big to me, I get that phone call and I hear a quick prayer, a funny joke, or simply an “I love you” that brightens my day. Any column that particularly blesses him, I hear about what he thought and I get a sincere thank you for writing the words that brought joy to his heart.

He was wonderfully considerate to me when my husband, Ted, was ill and died. Those phone calls were God-sent and helped me through many a rough hour or day or night. I treasured the prayers and waited to hear from him until they came.

Some time ago, I received a call, and I could tell my friend’s heart was heavy. He was concerned because his faithful wife of many years was dying and there appeared to be no good answer. The doctors had done all they could and in a few short weeks, she passed away. Of course, my friend was saddened, but he had his family, his church members and friends to help him in his time of need. Only a few more weeks passed by, and I got the call that told me he had been diagnosed with cancer and was on his way to MD Anderson for treatment. His regime is now complete and he has been told he is cancer free for which we praise the dear Lord.

I got another return call this week where I was told that he continued to miss his wife but was still attending church and getting out with family. I assured him that I had been praying for healing, happiness and his continued way of life. I could tell there was joy again in his voice, and asked what was going on with him. He said, “Well, Sister Brenda, you won’t believe what the Lord has done for me.” I immediately wanted to know all about it because I value this person in my life. 

“A very beautiful woman in my church who is a widow, and whom I only knew slightly before my wife died, and I have become good friends,” he said. “Oh, she comes over to eat, or I go over there, or we go out to eat. My kids love her and she is really pretty and a lot of fun.” 

Being the considerate guy he is, he went on quickly to assure me nothing “untoward” was going on between them – just good fun and company for each other. But with that twinkle in his voice and eyes, he added, “We’ll just see what the Lord has in mind.”

Unless you have been widowed, you really have no idea what this means to the partner left behind. I could not have been happier for my elderly friend, and I assured him of my prayers and also added that I expected an invitation to meet his new friend. Folks, this brought me great joy in my heart, and I literally prayed that day and since that this relationship would grow and prosper. I am thankful for the Lord’s provision for my friend and his new friend.

So, on this Thanksgiving week of 2015, I am grateful for my friend’s remission news and newly found friendship. I wish them beautiful sunrises and sunsets, delicious food and fellowship, companionship and caring, and a life filled with love and lasting memories.


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