Learning to trust the journey

Brenda Cannon Henley

OK, so life hasn’t turned out exactly like you or I wanted it to, and we are somewhat sad. Our plans simply have not been on target, or we lost the partner or significant other that would help them to be fulfilled. Money is an issue, our health questionable and we just don’t understand that. Loved ones are far away from home. The car is old and is possibly on its last leg. The house needs painting. The insurance is due. We are having a baby perhaps too soon. There is addiction in the lives of loved family members. Let’s face it — each of us has a struggle of some sort, and we are aware that our family members and friends do not live in beds of roses. Life is complicated and we get off track.

It helps if we understand that everyone has the same struggles — just about different things. Being wealthy simply brings different problems to be solved. I agree that some are far more vocal than others and some folks can hide their innermost feelings better than others. I suppose if we could read hearts, we would see tears, confusion, pain and even anger everywhere. What can we do about it other than become hermits so that no one will see?

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