Paid apps for free or deeply discounted now readily available

Paid apps for free or deeply discounted now readily available

Several months ago, I wrote about some of the online services that make available to users a “daily deal” of commercial PC and MAC software either for free or deeply discounted. Recently, offered, for very brief periods of time, name brand software from Norton, BitDefender, IObit and other well-known software publishers. Several of the publishers offered a free one-year license of their products with the option of buying multiyear or lifetime licenses at deep discounts, often exceeding an 80 percent discount from the retail price.

The deals offered by some of these websites have proved so popular that it was only a matter of time until additional categories of commercial software became available. Recently, Ashraf, the publisher of the very popular website that has become an industry leader in making available these super deals on commercial PC and MAC software, introdced a companion software site that offers similar deals on apps for Android, iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), Mac powered devices and Windows powered smart devices. This new website is

Updated at least daily, is currently offering (as I type this) almost 250 normally paid apps either for free or at a significant discount from the “app store” prices. Almost all of the apps listed are downloaded and installed directly from the authorized app stores, such as Google’s Play Store or iTunes, which provides a degree of safety and security not available from third party or illicit pirate download websites.

On the, it is easy for users to visually determine which operating system is required for each displayed app. A small blue icon with a circled capital “A” indicates that the listed app is for iOS devices, and that the app can be downloaded directly by clicking on the icon, and receiving the app directly from the official Apple App Store; a small green robot, the trademark for Android, indicates that the app is for Android smart devices, and can be downloaded via the linked icon directly from the Google Play Store. Several of the displayed icons, often featuring some excellent deals, have a small Amazon App Store logo, which indicates that the app can be downloaded from Amazon’s Android App Store, a worthy competitor to Google’s Play Store. A quick glance at some of the listed Amazon distributed Android apps showed several relatively expensive Android apps, many in the $10 to $25 range, could be downloaded from Amazon for free through the linked icon.

These apps marketed by serve a variety of purposes and functions. Many of them are games, including some of the more popular paid games, which are available for free or discounted; many others are a variety of utilities, including security software, word processing, mapping, and other practical apps. On just the first page of today’s deals, are an assortment of games, language learning and translation utilities (Spanish, French, Arabic, English), paint and photo editing apps, camera utilities, mathematical and calculator apps, contact managers, encryption apps, ringtone generators and converters, e-book readers, QSR code readers and generators, exercise guides, a bartending guide, city travel guides and calendar apps. Of all of the commercial (paid) apps listed, about 150 are available for a limited time for free, and about another 100 are discounted from the app store listed prices. The discounts on the paid items mostly range from 30 to 85 percent off the app store prices, and include a wide assortment of apps including PowerPoint and PDF converters, Microsoft Word commercial templates, large bundles of iBooks, file managers, music editors, games, security software, finance and investment managers, digital scanners and other types of paid apps.

For ease of use, offers a menu bar on its website that can sort the available apps by operating system, or price (free or paid). The current list offers 40 free Android apps, including a $13 office suite available for a limited time from Amazon for free. Also listed are about 45 paid Android apps, with original prices as high as $15, with discounts as much as 85 percent off listed prices. The selection of about 100 iPhone and iPad apps includes an assortment of apps similar to the Android selection, but almost all of the normally paid iPhone and iPad are available for free, with only a few available with retail prices as high as $30, but available at discounted prices of 99 cents to $5. All of the iPhone and iPad apps listed are available for download directly from Another 52 Mac apps are available under similar terms as the others, free or discounted, and available for download from Apple’s Mac Download Store.

With an average of about 250 apps a day available from, it is an excellent resource for apps, but it is not the only collection of its type. Another excellent source of free and deeply discounted commercial apps is AppGratis at While its daily offerings for iPhone, iPad, and Android are listed on its website, its primary promotional vector is a daily announcement sent directly to the selected device that lists the day’s offerings for that device. While at least one paid app offered for free is featured daily for each device, AppGratis also offers some deeply discounted commercial titles as well. In recent days, AppGratis has offered for my Android devices an assortment of paid games and utilities for free. Several of the iPad and iPhone specific apps have also been most interesting and useful. AppGratis has its own free app for these devices, which can be found in the appropriate app store; this AppGratis app displays a notification on the device whenever new free apps are featured for that device, typically once a day. I can recommend the free AppGratis app as an efficient way to be kept informed of the daily deals. AppGratis also offers a once-daily e-mail of its offerings, as well as its website which displays all currently available offerings.

Between and AppGratis, almost any smart device user will almost certainly find some occasional super deals, usually free, that will enhance the enjoyment and functionality of his device. As far as apps are concerned, both of these services are a daily top priority for me.